[WoW] 7.1 Blood of Sargeras Turn-In Macro

With 7.1 we can now trade [Blood of Sargeras] for crafting materials. If you’re like me and religiously ran world quests you had well over 250 of these and with no ability to shift+click and specify an amount you want to trade, instead you have to click the item you want and then confirm by clicking yes – Every. Single. Time.

Start out by making a new macro in WoW with the following command:

/click StaticPopup1Button1

This will click Button1 (Yes) on the confirm purchase popup for you.

Now there’s two way’s we can utilize this macro

A: Play by the rules and add the macro to your bar’s and bind it to a key or mouse button:
Right click the item to buy then hit the keybinding for this macro that you’ve set.

B: Turn your nose up to Blizzard and use your macro enabled keyboard / mouse:
Assign a button to Right Click & Hit the keybinding this macro is assigned to – Spam away.


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